Certificate in Executive Administration and Supervision of Christian Education and Schools Track

N.C.I. L.’s “Certificate in Executive Administration in Christian Education & Schools” (CEACES) track will hone in on adaptive leadership applications for broadening the scope of courses, instruction, as well as the emerging types of instructors and students, all grounded in Christian principles, for setting forth a flagship Christian School or Christian Education Ministry.


Session I:

"Foundations of Christian Transformational Leadership Approaches and Practices"

Session II:

"Examining the Context: You Have New Cultures, New Neighbors, and/or a New Social Structure"

Session III:

*"Conflict Management in Presenting and Funding a New Christian School/ Education Ministry" (topics will vary)

Session IV:

"Prophetic Imagination: Contextual Religion in Private/Charter/Public School" (topics will vary)

Session V:

"Methods in Crafting Action Plans and the Executive Summary: Write the Vision and Make it Plain"