The Leadership Seminars

N.C.I.L.’S Leadership Professional Development Seminars (LPDS) provide Continuing Education for Leaders and Key people in one’s organization. The LPDS will keep leaders abreast of societal changes and provide insight organizations or departments modifications, upgrades, renewals and transformations needed for maintaining relevance within the organization/business or externally. Leaders, Directors, and Supervisors will receive necessary information for maintaining the vital skills and abilities necessary for effective leadership in today's postmodern and globalized society.

N.C.I.L.’s highly respected Leadership Professional Development Seminars (LPDS) provides Continuing Education seminars for Leaders and Key people in one’s organization. With the increase in religions, cultures, and diversity, as well as the intertwinement of technology in near every aspect of our communities, businesses, schools, churches, and regions, and in our personal lives, N.C.I.L. huddles with the Executive Leader for increasing your effective management in the midst of postmodern changes . The Seminars provides training sessions in seeking and responding to grant opportunities' RFPs in ways that will assist in funding projects. The Seminars' Instructors from leading organizations across the nation endeavor to provide you and/or your leadership team with information to guide you towards success. They may be delivered at N.C.I.L.’s conference center or on your site, in person or online, during the school day, or outside of normal business hours, and either through one-on-one training sessions or in group situations. Also, the N.C.I.L.’s LPDS seminars provide necessary professional-development seminars that may range from a one-day conference to a two-week workshop. In particular, N.C.I.L’s LPDS will be facilitated by Instructors whom are experienced and committed to studying societal and industry trends that will keep your organization abreast of changing trends and new approaches for maximizing your effectiveness in your setting.