NCIL's Executive Director

Currently, Denson serves in church leadership in the D.C. - Baltimore region, as Executive Pastor. At this capacity, he advises church leaders regarding church logistics, legal aspects regarding their property, the intersects of church and the changing community. He catechizes numerous church leaders (ministers and deacons) for their ordinations, and has moderated and spoke at many annual church installations of officers. Dr. Denson also serves in both, the Missionary Baptist Ministers Conference of D.C. & Vicinity, and the United Baptist Missionary Convention of the State of Maryland, whereas along with these fellowships, they address these city-councils regarding the effects of their decisions on the African American and minority communities. In reflection, Dr. Denson prides in his servant-leadership in both the community and the church.

Daily, you can read Dr. Denson's blog, "Thought Leadership", as well as bi-weekly devotionals on other social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) whereas he offers insight on religious, family, political, and issues of the present-day.

Standing poised to lead the National Collaborative Institute of Leadership, in the District of Columbia, Dr. Troy L. M. Denson always says, "You cannot effectively serve the community, nor education, nor the Church with an eye on financial prosperity as your goal; it must be done with a passion and love for awakening, nurturing, and fostering the ethical and collaborative leadership in all people".

Troy L. Denson, Sr.'s Professional Narrative

Dr. Troy L. Denson serves as the Executive Director of National Collaborative Institute of Leadership, who served in its organizing and has been selected for guiding the Institute's Research Department in August of 2021. As a lover of people and provider of professional development for organizations' leaders who are seeking change for the better, Troy L. M. Denson, Sr. has done it in the community, the church, and in education. He is the Executive Director of National Collaborative Institute of Leadership and an Executive Minister serving in Conferences and Conventions in the District of Columbia and the Greater D.C. - Baltimore vicinity. Dr. Denson is an ordained Baptist Clergy and holds graduate degrees from Howard University, Wesley Theological Seminary, American Public University, and a "Leader of Learners" Certificate from Harvard University, an indigent doctoral from United Baptist College & Seminary in Baltimore, MD, and a D.Min.-candidate at historic Boston University.

Denson's research and passion centers around leadership in emerging diverse communities and in predominantly African American historic churches whose communities are growing and emerging as postmodern and diverse. Denson is the the author of compelling studies about the "Harmful Effects of Globalization on North American Children in Urban Communities"; a 3-volume workbook titled "Churchin': Acts of the Apostles Workbook". And most recently, Denson is in completion of scholarly research due for publishing in latter part of the year 2020, regarding "THE FALLOW GROUNDS HAVE BEEN PLOWED: THE RE-EMERGENCE OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN CHURCH IN 21ST CENTURY AMERICA (RELIGION, RACE, AND ETHNICITY)".

With a focus of bettering the community conditions of African Americans and minorities, as a clergy, Dr. Denson has served in the role of Pastor of a humble church, whereas he demonstrated to the community of Talbot County, Maryland, how a small church can have profound effects within the community. As Pastor, Dr. Denson worked tirelessly in renewing a small historic Methodist church's membership, finances, and community service. Resultantly, the capacity of he church's few members served in leading roles helping African Americans and minorities the Easton, Maryland, community. As example, leading the way, Dr. Denson served on the Talbot County Family Network (TCFN) Board of Directors. At this capacity he chaired the Grant Funding Committee and served alongside governmental and non-governmental community leaders in annually assessing the needs of families and small businesses, and facilitated the funding of millions of dollars in grant funding for empowering the county's small businesses to facilitate helps and resources to low-income and minority families. Also as a community leader, Dr. Denson served on the NAACP Scholarship Committee in Talbot County, Maryland, whereas he co-labored with colleagues in raising thousands of dollars for helping graduated students who were not on the honor's list, by funding their tuition and books, enabling them to enter college and focus more on their academic success.

In addition to leadership in the church and community, Dr. Denson prides taught pastors in "Urban Ministry Interventions" and "Theological Reserach Writing" at United Baptist College and Seminary, Baltimore, Maryland, for five years; he taught "Introduction to Sociology", "Interpersonal Communication", and served as Coordinator of Internships, all on the Sojourner Douglass College campuses in Cambridge, Salisbury, and Annapolis, Maryland for eight years; and he served as the former founding President of Maryland Christian College, for two years. And prior to adult-instruction, Denson educated young minds in his service as a secondary teacher in urban schools, teaching mathematics and social skills for six years. Denson has progressively and tirelessly worked towards improving the lives and careers of people.