The Program Management Consulting Services

N.C.I.L.’s Leadership Program Management Services (LPMCS) either provides or assists with Program and Project Management "collaboratively" with the Leaders in one’s organization. LPMCS assist organizations analyze and implement the complexities that come along with foundational internal project management. N.C.I.L.’s LPMCS senior-level experts from churches, ecumenical non-profits organizations, and function from Christian principles, as well, all have deep experience focusing on Program and Project Management creation and best practice development. N.C.I.L.’s LPMCS Consultants don’t just assist in providing plans, we tailor the strategy with your organization’s history, tenets, and values in mind.

N.C.I.L.’s LPMCS utilize transformational leadership approaches to enable your organization to develop and implement a program/ministry management strategy that is responsive to the specific needs of a diverse range of challenges. Our LPMCS includes program management frameworks and approaches that adopt methodology from ministry action plans, T.A.R., the BETH approach, as well, we maintain awareness of Christian-based qualitative approaches for assisting in non-profits and secular industries. These methodologies allow for our Consultants to use their skill-sets to the advantage of the project without being too sectarian, but also able to adopt the vernacular in compliance of your organization’s internal standards. In addition, the N.C.I.L. Leadership Consultant will assist your internal leaders in conducting various types of regional, social structure, and culture analyses for addressing the perceived obstacles in progressing towards realizing your God-given vision. What is the project or program that you have been eager to present and implement in your organization? Restructuring or renewing a ministry? Outreaching beyond your previous cultural boundaries? Implementing a ministry program that will acquire a presently unused but valued edifice? N.C.I.L.'s LPMCS is ready to walk with you in developing and implementing the program in ways that are both, congruent with your organization's values but yet relevant to the emerging communities surrounding your organization.